How to Spot Chlamydia Symptoms Men

This article can address chlamydia symptoms men. Referred to as a “silent” disease, chlamydia can go undetected for quite a while if you don’t know what to seem for. Chlamydia left untreated can cause several unpleasant complications for men.

Chlamydia symptoms men is a sexually transmitted infection. Once a person starts developing symptoms, it then becomes called a sexually transmitted disease. Due to the mild symptoms involved with this disease, it usually takes two to three weeks before a person even notices anything causing concern for a visit to the doctor. As many as 50% of men can have no symptoms at all, leaving this STD undetected and quickly spread from partner to partner.

This disease can be transmitted by having unprotected vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, or having genital contact with an infected person. As mentioned earlier, this can be notably dangerous as most men and women will never even notice they are infected until later, when major complications arise.

It’s necessary to note that this disease can have an effect on the quality of sperm in men if left untreated. Some men develop urethritis with a discharge consisting of yellow pus, mucus with pus, or merely clear mucus at the gap of the penis. Another complication, epididymitis, can cause a swollen scrotum, testicle pain, painful urination, and discharge from the penis, and blood in the semen.

Discharge from the penis of an infected man will affect other components of the human body as well as blindness when the infected space is touched and then contact made with the eye. Alternative complications that can result are cervicitis, conjunctivitis, Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome, lymphogranuloma venereum, pelvic inflammatory disease, and pneumonia in infants.

As mentioned before, the signs can be so minor that it is vital to be screened often if you’re sexually active and not in a long term monogamous relationship. Most STD’s will be prevented with the use of a condom, but solely abstinence is 100% effective in protecting you from the many sexually transmitted diseases acquirable.

Testing for men involves either a urine test or a slim swab inserted into the gap of the penis to check for potential infection. Be prepared as your doctor can ask you about your sexual history, how several partners you have, if you mostly use protection and some other queries that will give him insight on how you would possibly have contracted the disease.

Most doctors recommend that you get screened for STD’s yearly and before beginning a new sexual relationship. Don’t assume that you are within the clear, as many personal doctors don’t screen for STD’s unless you specifically ask them to. When you go in for your annual visit, raise your doctor if he will be screening you for STD’s and if it is routine at his followers.

The chlamydia symptoms men can be minimal until enough time has passed to cause significant injury to your body. Yearly screening and safe sex habits will help scale back the chance of developing this disease. It’s continually vital to be screened for an STD so you can ask for treatment before spreading it to the next person.

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