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Many men who have interaction in unprotected sex with multiple partners are at high risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease or a lot of popularly known as STD. Sexually transmitted infections, as deciphered from its name, are spread through sexual contact. It may be curable or incurable. One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases among men is chlamydia.

Chlamydia symptoms men are often associated with painful urination. Other symptoms include itchiness or burning feeling on the tip of the penis, frequent urination, and white and watery or greenish and yellowish discharge from the penis. However, these symptoms do not seem forever. It’s quite common for chlamydia in men not to point out any signs. A man might be affected with chlamydia while not him knowing it. And even if symptoms of chlamydia symptoms men do seem, it takes one to 3 weeks from infection before it will be noticed.

The most effective method to forestall chlamydia is by abstaining from sex or by partaking in self-pleasure through masturbation. If you decide on to be sexually active with another partner, you’ll choose to use a latex condom for cover. This is hugely advisable particularly to those who have multiple sex partners. Unprotected sex with multiple partners should be avoided. You must conjointly understand the sexual history and health of your partner. These steps are the most effective approach to prevent chlamydia symptoms men.

The treatment for chlamydia is thru bound antibiotics. You’ll be needed by the doctor to take these antibiotics for a certain amount of time at a daily dosage. While undergoing treatment for chlamydia, you should not have interaction in any sexual activity with another partner. Engaging in sexual relationships with another person cannot solely transfer of the disease to your partner however conjointly cause more aggravation of your condition and increase the probabilities of you being re-infected.

If left untreated or ignored, chlamydia symptoms men could cause constant discomfort, pain, and could sometimes result in sterility. Untreated chlamydia among men rarely leads to complications like arthritis or inflammation of the attention and testicles although its effects cause discomfort, uneasiness, and suffering.

Chlamydia symptoms men will be readily determined through natural urine take a look at or cotton swab sample from the penis. It has often been labeled as the silent disease as a result of the absence of symptoms in some instances of chlamydia. Some people are not aware of getting such disease thereby transferring it to their partner that in flip, leads to the impairment of their health. What is worse is that one who is infected can just be shocked by the irreversible effects of chlamydia in the long run.

Being the silent disease, chlamydia is dangerous. It could take anyone aback and unarmed as a result of the absence of its symptoms. It is best to practice the preventive measures counseled to avoid chlamydia symptoms men. However, if you’re in doubt whether or not you are infected with chlamydia or not or you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease, it’s best to go to a health skilled and have yourself tested for chlamydia.

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