Chlamydia Symptoms Men- Detection and Treatment

Chlamydia symptoms men could be a type of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) brought about by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis. chlamydia symptoms men is the most prevalent STD in the United States, infecting more than one million people, not counting those who are not aware that they have the disease. The total number of infected individuals is probably higher since many people do not manifest the symptoms of the disease.


1. Chlamydia symptoms men is relatively simple to treat. However, it’s hard to diagnose especially in males. Around half of infected men do not show the symptoms of the disease and are not being often tested for chlamydia. Moreover, 75 percent of women do not show signs that’s why the virus is well transmitted to unsuspecting partners. In rare cases, infected men can become sterile, with have alternative complications such as arthritis if chlamydia isn’t diagnosed and given correct treatment.


2. Chlamydia symptoms men, when detected or noticed, embrace a watery or whitish discharge from the penis and a painful, burning sensation when urinating. The tip of the penis may be sore and red. If the infection is acquired through anal sex, the rectum may bleed or emit a discharge, furthermore feel a burning sensation. When acquired through oral sex, it can cause a red and sore throat. Symptoms may occur one to a few weeks after catching the infection. Symptoms caused by undiagnosed and untreated chlamydia that has spread through the person’s body may embrace skin rash, arthritis, and eye infection and inflammation (conjunctivitis). Going to pick out STD clinics can facilitate forestall the chance of passing the disease to others furthermore getting early treatment for the disease.


3. Like prevention from any other STD, abstinence is still the most effective manner to prevent it. Additionally, having gender with solely one partner who will not have chlamydia is moreover a preventive measure. Condoms will aid in reducing the risk of infection, but, they are not a hundred percent effective. Throughout oral sex, use of dental dams would be a massive help. These are small, plastic sheets that dentists use for tooth fillings. Using condoms throughout anal sex would additionally forestall infection. For individuals diagnosed with chlamydia, single dose or using antibiotics for one week will cure the disease.


4. Untreated chlamydia symptoms men can lead to Reiter’s syndrome that may be a combination of disorders. The symptoms of this disease embody arthritis which affects the hands, feet, and knees, and additionally causes conjunctivitis. Reiter’s conjointly causes a rash that look like little, laborious bumps on the foot soles or palms, or small, pointed sores located on the penis. It will additionally bring regarding inflammation of the prostate gland and cardiovascular issues. Reiter’s syndrome happens rarely, and more men are affected than women.


5. Chlamydia can progress to chronic inflammation of the urethra and epididymis (epididymitis) in men. The epididymis is the tube inside the scrotum close to the testicles and is where the sperm mature and are stored before ejaculation. Epididymitis causes swelling and pain in the scrotum in addition to fever. Infertility may result if left untreated. Chlamydia infection is the most common culprit that causes epididymitis in men underneath 35 years old.

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